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  • Category: Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • Brand: Medical System



1. Required sample/reagent volume reduced to a very low range.

2. The syringe piston made from ceramic which ensure high precision of sampling and low maintenance cost.


1. Random access function for emergency analysis is available.

2. The sample disk has a free adapter for allowing the user to set sample cups and sample tubes of different sizes.

3. Two or more bottles can be set for one reagent that is consumed in large quantity for requested test items.

4. The Analysis result of each test can be checked on screen.

Laboratory can therefore respond to any urgent inquiry from the in-oatient department. moreover, In STAT sample analysis, all test result data can be transmitted to the host computer.

High Accuracy:

1. With the evading finctions, can increasethe times of cleaning by software setting, effectively eliminatecross-contamination, such as cross-contamination between reagents or that caused by turbidity test.

2.Upon detection of an abnormal in water blank measurement before analysis, it is automatically skipped over for exclusion from analysis, cuvette's number will be displayed.

3. Auto washing with heated water, keep the cuvette temperature stable.

High Performance:

1. Holographic concave flat field granting with rear spectrop-hotometry, cluster optical path, can achieve micro volume detection of reaction solution. Stable data photometry can be achieved even in a minimum reaction volume

1. System: Fully Automated, random access chemistry system with STAT capability

2 Throughput: 400T/H (600T/H with ISE)

3. Photometry: Mono-chromatic & Bi-chromatic measurements with Multi-wavelength diffraction franting with 12 wavelength options, 340~750 nm

4. Simultaneously processed analysis: 79 photometric tests

5. Assay method: 1-Point end, 2-Point end, Fixed, Rate-A and Rate-B

6. Calibration: Linear, Non-Linear, Multipoint, K factor

7. Obsorbance range: 0-0.4A

8. Sample types: Serum, plasma, urine, other

9. Sample disk capacity:

- Sample tray inner ring: 25 positions for routine samples; outer ring: 25 positions for routine samples (all positions can be used for STAT samples)

- Calibration/QC tray inner ring: 2 positions for blanks, 10 positions for controls; Outer ring: 20 positions for calibrators

10. Sample volume: 2-60μL in 0.1μL step

11. Sample cups: sample cups and sample tubes in different sizes.

12. Reagent tray capacity: 80 refrigerating reagent positions

13. Reagent storage: 4oC-12oC

14. Mixing function: Independent stirring arms

15. Reagent volume: R1 (75-300μL), R2 (10-300μL)

16. Reaction cuvette: Cuvette made of quartz

17. Min reaction volume: 130μL

18. Reaction time: 8.5 min

19. Reaction incubation: 37oC, dry bath

20. Light source: Long-life halogen lamp 12V, 20W

21. Barcode reader: Optional

22. Rinse: Automatic washing and drying

23. Operating System: All Windows systems