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  • Category: Pre-Filled Speciment Container
  • Brand: Serosep


Ready to Use, Cost Effective, Facilitating Lean Processing

Our comprehensive range of pre-filled specimen containers for use in histology and pathology laboratories are manufactured to the highest standard, using quality state of the art production techniques, in certified manufacturing facility.

1. Used in Surgial Theatres & Pathology Laboratory worldwide.
2. High quality fixation for preservation of biopsy samples.
3. Now available with Sample Visualisation Technology.

- Histopot 40ml: fill volume 20ml

- Histopot 60ml: fill volume 30ml

- Histopot 125ml: fill volume 63ml

- Histopot 180ml: fill volume 90ml

- Histopot 250ml: fill volume 20ml

- Histopot 500ml: fill volume 250ml

- Histopot 2500ml: fill volume 1250ml

- Histopot 5000ml: fill volume 2500ml

- Jerrycan 5L: fill volume 5L

- Polycube 20L: fill volume 20L