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  • Category: Clinic Information System - CIS
  • Brand: GRAHCIS

GRAHCIS Clinic Information System (CIS) is a system that integrate all function on your Clinic. Simplified your work
process and comfortable to used also for in/out patient.


LIS integration is carried out with the bridge database (middle
database) or REST API where from HIS will send order data to
the bridge database and LIS will pull data from the bridge
database or REST API. Vice versa for sending back patient result
from LIS to HIS.


BPJS bridging is carried out within patient admission input
after patient data is verified and making Surat Eligibilitas
Pasien (SEP) / Letter of Eligibility Patient and meet with
BPJS standard bridging.


Data Acces and reporting can be customized according to
customer needs (can be developed from existing default


Aplication has multi-level security system, so that users can
only open modules or screens according to their access rights.


You can choose either using cloud based server or local server

Minimum Server Specification

- Intel Xeon (8 Core)
- 16 GB RAM
- 1 TB SSD
- Dual Port LAN

Minimum Client Specification

- Intel i3
- 4 GB RAM
- 100 GB HDD
- LAN / Wifi
- Monitor min 17 inch

Network Connection Infrastructure

- Internet network for local server or
- Internet connection for cloud server