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  • Category: Freezer
  • Brand: Fiocchetti

Available in a wide range of dimensions and capacities, all Fiocchetti’s professional upright or chest freezers cover a wide range of temperatures from -10°C to -86°C. Because of this Fiocchetti’s freezers can be adapted to various applications in the medical-scientific field and they are compliant to the most restrictive international laws. 

Freezer range includes professional units with temperature range settable between -10 and -25°C, from 140 to 1500 liters capacity. Thanks to their reliability, they can store in totally safe conditions biological and laboratory samples and comply with the different needs of the medical field.


Model : 140, 250, 400, 700, 1500

Temperature range : -10 -25°C & -10 -20°C (Model 140)

Ambient temperature range : +16 +32°C

External/Internal Coating : B+B or B+X

Door type : Solid door

Refrigeration type : Forced air circulation

Internal lightnin : LED

Refrigerant gas type : R290 or R452A