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Superartic 2T

  • Category: Combine Refrigerator
  • Brand: Fiocchetti

Range of double temperature equipment featuring two independent compartments (each one monitored by its own controller), cooling units and available in a wide range of capacities, varying from 280 to 700 liters (refrigerator and freezer compartment have the same capacity). All models are available either with ECT-F thermostat or with ECT-TOUCH controller.

The freezer series SUPERARTIC has been developed to answer the needs of low temperature storage, in particular between -20 and -40°C. The stylish design joins a sturdy construction and a high insulation thickness – thanks to high density foaming -, allowing to maintain low temperatures with a consistent power saving. SUPERARTIC series is completed by the combined model SUPERARTIC 2T 700, featuring two independent compartments: the freezer chamber can reach -35°C.

Model : 700 2T

Temperature range : +2 +10 / -20 - (-35)°C

Ambient temperature range : +16 +32°C

External/Internal Coating : B+X

Door type : Solid door

Refrigeration type : Forced air circulation

Refrigerant gas type : R452A+R452A or R290+R290

Feet/Rollers : Feet (H=130 mm)