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  • Category: Meling Low Temperature Freezer
  • Brand: Meling

Targeted Refrigeration
The new generation of ultra-low temperature refrigeration system can ensure fast refrigeration and was awarded with the Second Prize under State Technological Invention Award.

Five Magic Weapons for Energy Saving

Imported high-elciency compressor+ separated evaporator+ composite heat exchanger+ optimized fractional condensation & separation system + high-elciency thermal insulation system can save energy and reduce power consumption of the freezer by 40%.

Low Noise Design

Low-noise direct cooling circuit+ suspension frame & sound absorbing compartment & low-noise fan can reduce noise generated by the entire freezer to the largest extent.

Three-dimensional Thermal Insulation

The six sides of the cabinet are made from high-elciency VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate, and the thermal insulation design of the inner door made from foaming material and the outer door system was awarded with multiple patents, which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the freezer.

Optional Accessories(WiFi/Bluetooth printer/Magnetic lock/Swipe card/Fingerprint)

Connect WiFi to upload data to the cloud space, monitor the device, check the status of the freezer faster, and ensure the safety of the samples;
optional Bluetooth printer, real-time export temperature data, temperature graph, setting operation and other data, to
understand the freezer operating status;
Optional functions such as card unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, and facial recognition unlocking are available to facilitate quick access to samples.


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